Short demo Primary Buffer Panel with old TV/VFD effect

A project log for Primary Buffer Panel v1

A glorified DIY joystick controller with an LCD ("MFDs") and plenty of RGB.

beko-pharmBeko Pharm 06/01/2023 at 18:320 Comments

This is a CSS animation effect adding "scanlines" like on some old tv to my SimPit. There's also a tiny octagon grid effect laid over everything. I'm going for a VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) effect here like old electronics used to have it. It's hard to see from the phone camera but it looks absolutely rad in reallife (imho :D)


The UI is written in ReactJS using a demo of the yet unreleased ARWES framework (, a futuristic Sci-Fi UI web framework).

The "scanlines" are a CSS effect I learned from (may only work with Chrome, YMMV).

It's currently displaying data from Elite Dangerous (PC game) that it reads via Websockets from a Node-Red flow that does all the plumbing for all the games I play with this.