L.E.D. Table

Full color, video capable Led display under the surface of a large glass desk

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The table is 60"x30" and consists of 2322 APA102 leds split into 7 groups. Each group is controlled by a feather M0 w/ Wi-Fi using the open pixel connect protocol. Images are split and streamed using processing. Some issues and bugs need to be worked out still.

UPDATE 02/11/2017

Previously mentioned bugs pertained to lots of noise while playing video streams. This was almost completely resolved by slowing down SPI to 8Mhz and increasing frame rate to 40. Another final part may be driving 5v SPI leds with a 3.3v microcontroller. I did lots of testing with various level translator chips and found none to be acceptable for use. Most of the firmware is modified Adafruit demo code and will be released shorty.

The table is powered by two 80 Amp at 5v DC power supplies. Each row is 86 leds long and protected by a 10Amp fuse. There are a total of 27 rows. The base and heat sink is a 1/4" piece of aluminum. Each group of four rows is controlled by an Adafruit M0 Wi-fi uC. The wireless switch is a small 5v Netlink. This table is a commercially available executive's desk and made of square tube steel. Being that there is now 120v AC involved, each individual metal part is bonded and also attached to a common ground.

  • Color and Frame rate testing

    Deviza05/11/2017 at 00:38 0 comments

    Sorry I haven't provided much details recently. Still working on some client side code bugs.

    But just to make everyone happy, here's a video showing off the capabilities.

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