More modeling of the custom air manifold.

A project log for Auto-Inflate (AI)

An "auto inflation" device specifically designed for inflation style sensory/anxiety vests.

tevianTevian 06/10/2023 at 14:140 Comments

The finished project will most likely include a few build options determined by part availability and cost. Specifically concerning the enclosure and a few custom plastic parts that will need to be printed.

One such part is a custom manifold that will cover the pressure sensor eliminating one air tube. I'm now getting my feet wet with resin printing and things are looking very promising. It's important that these parts are feasible to print either at home or by a 3d Printing service. I figure if I can print these at home, a service should have no problem. This part was made at home with a resin printer and Elegoo ABS-Like grey resin. This part requires high accuracy on a small scale to be air tight at low pressures. Because of this, it may require SLA printing vs Filament 3d printing.