Design changes (3D visualization)

A project log for Automated Smart Light

Automated, Bluetooth connected, high power RGB LED light with automatic luminosity matching, motion detection and more...

DominicMDominicM 07/18/2014 at 13:540 Comments

Here is a simple 3D render of the initial physical design and layout for the light. The main components in the image are:

The goal with this change is to solve some of the problems with the first prototype, mainly the noise from the fan, glare from the LED and the large overall size.

The fan has been replaced with a large heat-sink making the it 100% silent. Diffused glass was added to reduce glare at high power settings. The power supply will likely be in the form of an external AC-DC adapter. This will only leave the relatively small PCB that can attach to the back of the heat-sink.