Quantity   Component name
1 × 1F4 pentode Type 1F4 pentode with 5 pin base and 2 volt filament
1 × 1A4P pentode Type 1A4P vari-mu (variable gain) pentode, with 4 pin base and top cap, and 2 volt filament
1 × 1H4 triode Type 1H4 triode with octal base and 2 volt heater. This is a later and cheaper version of the type 30 triode
1 × 19 double triode Type 19 double triode with 6 pin base and 2 volt heater
2 × No.6 battery 1.5 volt This is a large 1.5 volt battery (2.5" diameter and 6" high). These are difficult to obtain so a D cell can be used instead.
1 × Breadboard Mounted Tube Sockets 4-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin tube sockets, ideally breadboard mounted (these may be difficult to find). If you can't find them, chassis mounting sockets are fine, but they will need a spacer to lift them above the breadboard.
2 × Thin plywood for battery pack Strips of plywood 17cm x 6cm have enough space for 5 individual 9v battery holders
9 × PP3 batteries 9 volt You need 10 of these to generate 90 volts
9 × PP3 battery holders You need 10 of these, glued to the plywood strips
1 × Battery box Any container that is approx 18cm x 10cm x 6cm tall (I used a plastic ice cream carton)