OPM-03 project log

A project log for CMOS Homemade Operational Amplifier

CMOS Homemade Operational Amplifier module and a photo detector using it.

mitsuru-yamadaMitsuru Yamada 05/18/2023 at 11:360 Comments

1.  The article was first posted on May. 17, 2023.

2.  Revised on May. 18, 2023.

     Added the Fig. 6 (Open-loop frequency response of OPM-03).

     Added the Chapter 2-7. Power consumption, operating voltage.

3.  Revised on May. 22, 2023.

     Added description of estimated bias current in Chapter 2-3, Result (Bias Current).

     Corrected the measured value of output variation from maximum 38mV to 70uV in Chapter 3-1, Photo detector Gain linearity.

4. Revised on May. 29, 2023.

     Corrected the input bias current of OPM-01 from 10 uA to 2 uA in Chapter 2-2.

     Added the frequency response of OPM-01 to Fig. 6 in Chapter 2-3.

     Corrected the output offset voltage of OPM-01 from 800 mV to 1800 mV in Chapter 3-1.

     Added Table 1 for comparison of OPM-03 and OPM-01 in Chapter 4.