[X] Screens need to be on the other side

A project log for Tetent UMPC [gd0149]

Can I now make something better than a 2-in-1 laptop? Something that I can use outdoors?

kelvinakelvinA 06/14/2023 at 12:360 Comments

[X] = Experiment

So I'm reading between office chairs and beanbag chairs, thinking that I'd opt for the latter inside #TrueTent [gd0143] if this UMPC existed. I then got an idea to poisiton myself similar to how stock-image people were sitting in their beanbags and held my current keyboard as if it was Tetent. 

The red rectangle is where my eyes would actually be. The angles either my hands, eyes or neck would need to do to see screens in their currently expected position would be unergonomic.