[T] Top and bottom 6.3" 1440p

A project log for Tetent UMPC [gd0149]

Can I now make something better than a 2-in-1 laptop? Something that I can use outdoors?

kelvinakelvinA 07/11/2023 at 22:440 Comments

The single required usecase of Leti is that I can compute outside. This would've been more convenient if 2560 x 2560px, 70-90PPD AR headsets existed, but they don't and #T^2 TyMist [gd0138] didn't work out since I don't have the optical manufacturing capability, nor the FPGA skill to take a DisplayPort 1.4 signal and mirror it so that it was the correct orientation when reflected on a curved combiner.

That means I have to battle the sun, which seems to be a simple case of emitting about 1000 nits:

Precisely 0 off-the-shelf OLEDs or LCDs I can use can reach this, though that 6.3" local dimming idea I had could be as bright as 1500 nits.

Ergonomically, there are 2 issues. The first is that it feels like I'd want to keep the entire length of Leti at around 300mm / 12", going off of holding a 290mm box in a similar way. The second is that having neither of the screens centered just feels disorienting to me. 

The solution to both of these problems is to have a single 6.3" screen, just that one is on the top and another on the bottom:

Imagine Tetent is longer to fit the T9Plus mainboard in the middle.

The top screen would likely be the main one, and the bottom screen for additional workspace.

Another benefit is that I would be able to still use the UMPC like #Tetent [gd0090] when the screens are folded down, as the top screen shouldn't cover the Tetrinsics (or just barely).

I'll have to worry about brightness uniformity and power consumption though.