February 2024 Update

A project log for The People's Permacomputer

A computer designed to survive a societal collapse.

blair-vidakovichBlair Vidakovich 02/20/2024 at 21:150 Comments

In our exploratory research we came upon an australian design from the late 70s which i think would prove highly amenable to the goals of our project.

Attached is a bill of materials along with other errata from a fellow peer's construction of the DREAM6800 computer in 2019. 

(see attached PDF)

I am having difficulty sourcing parts. I laboriously inputted and was able to locate every part on aliexpress, but multiple items from the same vendor would not cause a saving in the postage.

Does anyone know a more equitable method of sourcing the parts listed in this PDF?

Much appreciated.

Blair Vidak.

Please find reproduced below the schematics for the DREAM6800 computer.


-** Cassette circuitry. Kansas PSK encoding.
- *** CPU and Clock generation via the Motorola 6875:
** Video Display Generator (composite video):

The keyboard circuitry, implemented by the Motorola PIA:

Current smoothing capacitors and auxiliary circuit definitions:

The full listing for the CHIPOS interpreter / monitor program resident in 1K ROM: