Two dot test

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Lowering the cost of Refreshable Braille Cells by using Electromagnetic Cam Actuators & 3D Printing

vijayVijay 10/05/2023 at 15:050 Comments

Two Dots work!! a big achievement, and proves that the concept works as intended.

A few issues that I want to rectify before assembling the rest of the dots though:

-Steel core gets TOO hot too fast, it doesn't like too many polarity changes in a short amount of time, which is a big drawback if I'm trying to active fast refresh times. I will switch to a soft iron/ferrite core for the next iteration.

- Assembly is a real pain in the current version, with the cams wanting to stick to each other before I get the upper and lower halves of the assembly together. Will change over to snap-fit components. 

-Will move the magnets closer to the center of the rotation on the cams, i.e., reduce the concentricity, to reduce the effect of the cam <sometimes> interfering with the other, but works 80% of the time.