Smart Buck Intelligent 12V DC-DC Converter

"Smart Buck" is a versatile open-source DC-DC buck converter PCB that includes the ability to monitor power in and out using the INA219 IC.

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This design reduces the voltage from lithium-ion battery sources (16-22VDC) to a stable 12VDC. The core of this board relies on the highly regarded Texas Instruments LM2596 voltage regulator, complemented by the INA219 current sense IC for accurate power monitoring.

Originally developed to power a ZWO dedicated astrophotography camera, the capabilities of this buck converter board extend far beyond. This converter can be used for any applications that demand a steady 12VDC supply with a maximum current of 3A, while also allowing for the monitoring of power input and output.

The PCB was manufactured through JLC PCB, with subsequent modifications implemented to address initial design flaws. Currently, the hardware design has undergone its second revision, incorporating crucial corrections after identifying the initial mistakes.

For comprehensive information, as well as access to the complete project details and source files, please visit my GitHub page.

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