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Easy electric recharge at home

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As an owner of an electric vehicle, I needed a charging station at home. So here is my realization based on a commercial communicating module, µC and 3d printing panel.

But I always want more!
I integrated an esp32, a capacitive key and an oled screen in order to visualize the IP status, the electrical status of the sector as well as the consumption level. All this via MQTT with a nice dashboard under NodeRed.

The currently functional (and very useful) project is in its phase 1.
Phase 2 will consist in :
- adding an RS485 communication with a DIN module (SDM120) to measure the consumption at each recharge
- replace the big load selector on the front panel by a variable resistor (X9C103S) controlled by the esp32 to adapt the load according to the total consumption of the house.

More details about the realization and the code will come soon.

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