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Explore the magnetic properties of hydrogen with this build guide

andy-nicolAndy Nicol 05/20/2023 at 03:010 Comments

This is the first release of a long-term project that aims to replicate the functionality of the Magritek Terranova. The ultimate goal is to provide an open-source development platform for Earth's Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and basic 3D imaging.

The purpose of this release is to help lower the development time of projects involving low-field NMR by providing a minimal "hello world" example of a fully functioning EFNMR system. Until now, there have been no complete system designs which prioritise a rapid first detection of the Larmor frequency in a real-world situation. 

This system can serve various purposes: it can act as a signal finder for a more elaborate EFNMR system, function as a basic proton magnetometer, be used as a science project for chemistry and physics students, offer a classroom demonstration for radiology students, or serve as a starting point for research.

I have attempted to make the build guide as thorough as possible. Hopefully, almost everything has been specified, down to the screws needed. The instructions contain detailed descriptions of the coil winding process, methods for testing the coil reception, a coil tuning guide and setup instructions for the software featured in the article. Please let me know if anything seems unclear or incorrect, and I will do my best to amend things. 

Since the design is mostly complete, I will use this log to update on interesting EFNMR experiments performed using the system. I also aim to share modifications and development of related hardware, hopefully working towards the end goal of basic 3D imaging. 

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