Quantity   Component name
1 × Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD 24-bit 192kHz USB Audio interface Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 also performs the same. Any interface with a high-quality amplifier and low-noise ADC might work.
1 × 110mm of plastic pipe, 40mm OD, 36mm ID 2mm wall thickness. STL file of the spool available too.
1 × 24 AWG Enameled Copper Wire At least 41 meters or 80g. Outer diameter including coating is 0.55mm in this case
1 × 100x68x50mm Junction/Project Box Wdely available, also available as a STL file
1 × 2 meter XLR microphone cable with one M connector The bares wires of one end are soldered to the coil ends, the other end is XLR with 3 pins
1 × 0.5-1 meter XLR microphone cable M/F 3-way XLR. Any cable length, smaller is better. Connects the control box to the amplifier.
1 × XLR socket panel mount F 3 Holes
1 × XLR socket panel mount M 3 Holes
1 × Panel mount battery connector XT60 XT60 to XT30 conversion cables are available
1 × 3 Way Rocker Switch 10A/12V Any type, example uses a snap-in switch with a round button
3 × Spade connectors For the 3-way switch pins. Solder wires to the spade connectors to avoid heat damaging the switch
1 × 8 way DIP switch For the tuner. Each switch selects whether a capacitor is connected to the receiver line
1 × 24AWG general wire Approx 15cm to make the internal connections
1 × 53.3mm x 53.3mm strip board No PCB required! Strip board is sufficient for the tuner
1 × 2.54mm Pitch 8 Way 1 Row Straight SIL Socket Strip Two rows, one for each leg of a capacitor in the tuner
1 × Amazon Basics 127cm (50") Lightweight Tripod Also widely available from OEM brands on Aliexpress etc
1 × Cable ties One for cable strain relief, one to attach the coil to the tripod
1 × 3S 11.1V LiPo battery + Charger For the polariser stage
5 × Tuning capacitors See the tuning guide in the instructions
4 × 4 x (M3 x 10mm) self tapping screws To attach the tuning board to the case
4 × 4 x (M3 x 10mm) screws with nut For the XLR sockets
2 × 2 x (M2.5 x 10mm) screws For the XT60 socket which should come with an inbuilt nut
3 × 3 × (M3 x 10mm) nylon screws Three to replace tube screws in the tripod, anything non magnetic will do
1 × (M5 x 20mm+) nylon bolt To replace the vertical adjust bolt. Needs enough length to grip with fingers