Gloveraille: braille Bluetooth keyboard

A project log for Glovraille: another braille Bluetooth keyboard

A prototype of a Bluetooth keyboard in form of glove for braille typing

nait-malek-youssefNait Malek Youssef 05/21/2023 at 00:360 Comments

 Gloveraille version 3
The Gloveraille prototype version 3 uses an ESP32 development board instead of an Arduino pro mini in version 1 & 2. Therefore the new prototype can be used as a Bluetooth keyboard.

 Make it yourself
To make you prototype you need:

You can follow the steps stated in the first version in order to build the prototype, however, instead of the
Arduino pro mini, we are using an ESP32, so you need to use the appropriate pins of the ESP32.
NB: You might know that the ESP32 has pins that support touch sensors. However,  in the prototype I built, the conductive thread is exposed in the inside and always connected to the skin.


The code is divided into tree file: gloveraille.ino, functions.ino and config.ino.

The following video shows the prototype in action.