Wear-a-Chorder + VoiceBox

A wearable chorded-text-entry device plus a real-time text-to-speech webapp help unmute people with speech difficulties

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Imagine an app that speaks for you. Imagine a device that lets you input into this app as fast as you can think. Imagine all of this being portable enough that you can walk around everyday life with. Welcome to Wear-a-Chorder and VoiceBox. Wear-a-Chorder is a wearable chorded-text entry device that allows the user to type at the speed of thought, while on the go, by clipping to your belt or pants. VoiceBox is an open-source React webapp that leverages the machine-learning Wavenet voices on Google Cloud's Text-To-Speech (TTS) APIs to convert inputted text into lifelike speech. Together, these solutions are starting to change the lives of many mute/speech-challenged users around the world.

For a demonstration, check out this link:


CAD STL file download:


Details about VoiceBox can be found on our GitHub repository at

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    Step 1: Print Wear-a-Chorder attachments
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    Step 2: Use VoiceBox with it

    See the GitHub repo at for info on how to use or build VoiceBox for yourself!

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