Conceptual system design

A project log for ForkLocator

An AI-powered tool that indicate user to locate a fork on a table, providing directional guidance for visually impaired

revoxdynaRevoxdyna 05/21/2023 at 14:560 Comments


  1. able to locate the arm(hand), fork and plate on the table
  2. able to give a clear notification to the visually impaired
  3. the outcome would be a portable device 
  4. (optional) Others would not know while using the device


  1. object identification <1s
  2. the actuator should be as small as possible
  3. the device is wearable

The process flow:

  1. The mobile camera would be used for object detection.
  2. After the objects were recognized, the corresponding actuators would be activated to indicate the arm movement.
  3. When the arm and target are very near, there would be another signal to indicate the user to pick the target.