We're Back!

A project log for AND!XOR DC25 Badge

We're going bigger, better, more Bender.

ZappZapp 12/30/2016 at 17:330 Comments

We can't say this enough, but we were blown away by the response we got from the DEF CON community last year. DC24 was an amazing experience, we met so many great people. Our experience from the conference can be summed up in this tweet by @wookie_p

"True cost of the Bender badge: takes 2x longer to walk con floor. So many questions about badge! "

The plan for DC25 was to take a few months off and come up with ideas. This didn't exactly happen, we went right into testing and prototyping. We have an initial list of 30+ features to incorporate, a BOM, and design. We aren't ready to release many of those details yet. But here's what we are ready to say:

Stay tuned, we will continue to use Twitter and to release details.