Motion Stage Development Sequence:

  1. linear stage - leadscrew -> first iteration complete 05/21/2023
  2. rotary stage -> first iteration complete 05/26/2023
  3. vertical stage -> first iteration complete 05/31/2023
  4. goniometer stage -> in progress
  5. gimbal stage

Motion Stage Requirements:

  1. shall be zeroed using limit switches
  2. shall use a common connection interface between stages
  3. shall use NEMA 17 stepper motor frame size
  4. structural components shall be laser cut from 300x600mm sheets of 3mm thick birch plywood
  5. shall use 4x13x6mm v-bearings for all linear guides
  6. shall use commonly available 3D printer mechanical components
  7. shall include wire routing features
  8. should use 3x100mm cable ties for all structural connections