Muscle BioAmp Shield v0.3

Plug & Play Electromyography (EMG)

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Muscle BioAmp Shield is a Low-cost open-source ElectroMyography (EMG) lab on a shield to record, visualize, and listen to your muscle signals. With on-board 6x LEDs, 2x Buttons, hobby servo output, isolated output, 2x Stemma I2C ports, Stemma analog port, Stemma digital port, Audio output, and Earphones output you can use it to create very complex Human-Computer Interface (HCI) with ease. It's fully compatible with Backyard Brains Muscle Spiker Shield which makes it more interesting because you can use all their Arduino examples and do all their biophysiology/neuroscience experiments with Muscle BioAmp Shield as well. At Upside Down Labs we want to bring electrophysiology & DIY neuroscience in the hand of everyone with our novel yet open-source BioAmp technology and Muscle BioAmp Shield is one of the hardware which allows us to do just that.

Muscle BioAmp Shield v0.3 is an all-in-one Arduino Uno Shield for EMG (Electromyography). It is perfect for beginners as they can easily stack it on top of Arduino Uno to record, visualize and listen to the muscle signals to make amazing Human-Computer Interface (HCI) projects. It comes with various plug-and-play options, so you can connect hundreds of devices like OLED screens, character displays, accelerometers, and servo controllers to name just a few using the I2C interface.

The possibilities are endless as you can:

  • Visualize the EMG signals using the 6-onboard LEDs. The more you flex, the more LEDs will glow up.
  • Directly connect the servo motor via 3-pin angled header pins and control it using muscle signals (EMG).
  • Record the muscle signals (EMG) either using Gel Electrodes or BioAmp Bands (dry electrode based) via BioAmp Cable connected to a 3-pin JST PH 2mm connector.
  • Give audio/mic input signals from your mobile phone, laptop, or speakers via BioAmp AUX Cable connected to a 4-pin JST PH 2mm connector.
  • Listen to your muscle signals using wired headphones/earphones connected to a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Connect hundreds of devices like OLED screens, character displays, temperature sensors, accelerometers, BioAmp Hardware, and much more using the two I2C interfaces.
  • Connect Arduino Uno's D6 digital I/O pins and A2 analog input pins using STEMMA digital and STEMMA analog connectors respectively.
  • Connect a 7V to 9V battery via snap cable.
  • Program the 2 user buttons according to your project requirements.

This makes it the ultimate plug-and-play kit for students, researchers, and hobbyists alike who want to use muscle signals (EMG) to make amazing human-computer interface (HCI) projects like:

1. Controlling a Dino Game using your muscle signals (EMG)

2. Scrolling Instagram Reels/YouTube Shorts by using your muscle signals (EMG)

Below is the layout with dimensions and the schematic diagram of the Muscle BioAmp Shield v0.3 created using KiCad.

For more details on how to make your own Muscle Bioamp Shield v0.3, you can see the assembly steps below.

  • 2 × 1M 1% precision resistors
  • 6 × 330R 5% precision resistors
  • 3 × 10K 1% precision resistors
  • 2 × 22K 1% precision resistors
  • 3 × 1K 1% precision resistors

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    In the DIY Kit you have purchased from Tindie, you will get a bare PCB of Muscle BioAmp Shield v0.3 and to start the assembly process It is recommended to keep the Interactive BOM link handy to make the assembly process a breeze!

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    1M Resistors

    Solder 1M resistors at R1 and R2

  • 3
    330R Resistors

    Solder 330R resistors at R13 to R18

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