Objective Force and Displacement Measurements

A project log for OHMni-Stick

Ultra Low Force and Displacement Assistive Tech Joystick

oneohmoneohm 05/26/2023 at 23:540 Comments

Now for some objective measurements of the OHMni-Stick's sensitivity, specifically the force and displacement requirements. To accurately assess its performance, I conducted some initial tests using an IMADA DPS-11 digital force gauge in combination with a Mitutoyo SD displacement gauge for precise characterization.

The current prototype of the OHMni-Stick proved to be highly sensitive and responsive, reliably responding to forces as low as those measurable by the IMADA force gauge (+/-1gram). This means that even individuals with extremely limited muscle strength can effortlessly utilize the OHMni-Stick to control devices and engage in various activities.

Additionally, the displacement measurements were equally impressive. Even when a force of 1Kg was applied, the recorded displacement was only 0.2mm. This minimal movement requirement is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited range of motion, as it ensures comfortable and efficient operation of the OHMni-Stick.

In comparison to other "low force" joysticks on the market, the OHMni-Stick outperforms them significantly. While some devices advertise force requirements of 8 grams, 10 grams, 40 grams, or more, the OHMni-Stick sets a new standard by reliably measuring forces as low as a single gram. Additionally, it surpasses these devices in terms of displacement as well, with precise control achieved using a mere 0.2mm of movement.

It's worth noting that a standard wheelchair joystick typically requires an operation force of about 200 to 250 grams, further highlighting the advantage of the OHMni-Stick's low force requirements.

These objective measurements demonstrate the remarkable sensitivity of the OHMni-Stick and its potential to significantly improve the daily lives of individuals with limited muscle strength and restricted range of motion. By providing effortless control and reducing physical exertion, the OHMni-Stick empowers users, promoting independence and accessibility.