Theoretical accuracy

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Voltage is set with three BCD switches with a step of 10mV

klimaKlima 05/25/2023 at 21:390 Comments

Theoretical accuracy

The accuracy of the circuit was estimated using a Python script, implementing a MonteCarlo like estimation.

The following sources of errors were considered:

Accuracy of the resistors: +-0.1%

Offset voltages of the opamps: +-0.1 mV

Accuracy of the LM4040: +-0.1%

Contact resistance: 0 to 0.1 Ohm

Relative error

Absolute error

For most of the range, the relative error is usually below 0.1%. In terms of absolute error, in most cases the error stays below 10mV. This is a sufficiently low error for my purposes.

Measurements should follow.