BioAmp EXG Pill is capable of recording very good quality bio-potential signals including EOG. The amplified bio-potential signals are the basis of creating a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) device. In our current example, we are representing it as a fun game controller but it can also be used to create supportive technology solutions where you interpret signals from the body to achieve something in the real world using unconventional methods.

A basic overview of the setup we are using to create the EOG game controller is shown in the image below. Please note for the actual setup we also used Muscle BioAmp Shield because we needed one user button and an LED indicator to simplify the usability of the device.

As already discussed a biopotential signal can be captured near your eye whenever you blink, this raw EOG signal can easily be captured using BioAmp EXG Pill and an Arduino UNO board. Below graphics shows vertical EOG recording on Arduino IDE serial plotter.

The graphics below show how eye blinks are detected, the signal in blue is the raw EOG signal and the Red signal shows detected eye blinks which are the processed digital signals we are using to create our EOG Game controller. The detected eye blinks are sent to the PC as 1 or 0 serial data.

Once the eye blink data is received on Laptop with the charger disconnected we are using a python script that reads the serial data and emulate the space bar keystroke thus allowing us to play a dino game with just our eye blinks. You don't even have to apply any extra force while blinking your eye, just blink like you normally do and you will be able to control the game.

As shown in the graphics above the game controller is very responsive. The HCI device can even be modified to create a morse code decoder which can provide a reliable way for disabled people to communicate with eye blinks.