Building the legs

A project log for Chaotic Lighthouse

A circuit sculpture to participate in the 2023 op amp challenge.

mabe42MaBe42 05/27/2023 at 08:070 Comments

In each leg there is one of Sprott's chaotic circuit, a peak detector and some signal conditioning:

To facilitate soldering I had designed a little jig and 3d printed which helped a lot getting the job done:

In the background, a plan can be seen where I had "translated" the schematic into a design for soldering.

For assembling the triangular leg (each brass wire is a supply (V+, V- and virtual ground) I had another jig. This time more "ad hoc" using my favourite tool: glue tack.

After building of each leg: testing!

As you can see, I added some 1N4148s for rigidity and a small cap as protective/isolating foot.

Putting the three legs together made me wish I was an octopus. But again a little jig and some glue tack helped a lot.