Dongle-free Bluetooth + FPGA board for edge computing featuring JLink On Board

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NRFICE is a dongle-free Bluetooth FPGA board in an Arduino Uno form factor. It combines the dual-core Bluetooth SoC nRF5340 with the Lattice ICE40UP5K FPGA to simplify development of edge computing and IoT products. Built in JLink programming and debugging means no emulator dongles to buy or carry around, including for commercial use. The open source Android app allows loading of nRF and ICE40 projects over Bluetooth out of the box. The NRFICE’s form factor supports 3.3 V shields and has a beefy 5 V power supply on board (9 - 12 V wall-wart input) to supply shield/daughter boards with plenty of power for LED lighting, motor controllers, etc.
NRFICE allows for rapid prototyping of mobile peripheral and edge computing devices. With fewer wires and no programming dongles, many things are possible. Educators can provide experimentation hardware to students with minimal bring-up.

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