Planning, progress tracking and adequately rewarding accomplishments is missing in the present surfing system followed by para-sport organisations. Our design direction started formulating from the integration of three ideas, i.e. a bag to carry your surfboard, a graphic organiser to plan sessions and a reward system to motivate and celebrate accomplishments. 

The form of the goal sheets takes inspiration from a surfboard as we were focusing on the surf community. However, this can change and develop if and when applied to a different community. The patches are made using a CNC embroidery machine and utilised multiple types of stitches and fabrics to achieve high quality. Other rewards like the mini surfboards are made using acrylic sheet, fiber board and card paper to test different materials in terms of texture and feel.

1. Visual goal tracker that shows goals and steps upfront for everyone (volunteers, surfers and caregivers) to encourage accountability.

2. Breaking down the goal into achievable chunks by speaking with a mentor. This will help guide the surfers appropriately. 

3. Completing a goal one step at a time becomes easier by setting smaller goals. Each surf session becomes more planned and goal oriented.

4. Once a goal is completed its important to celebrate this accomplishment with a cool surf themed reward.