GMC(Gesture and Myoelectric control)

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An infrared communication and Bluetooth control device based on body posture and muscle activity serving the disabled

zhikun-zhuZhikun ZHU 05/27/2023 at 05:280 Comments

Existing solutions for auxiliary remote control devices

A wide variety of remote control methods need to be considered to cope with the special needs of users to handle different environments and devices. When you have limited physical movement, the method of control and its practicality and feasibility for the user is crucial. It enhances the experience of using the device.

TapXR uses a combination of motion and optical sensors for hand and finger tracking and detects and classifies finger taps and other gestures. other gestures and classifies them.

Tap any surface with your fingers. Tap your leg, arm, sofa, table, or any other surface you can think of. This will let TapXR know that you are sending a command. This will allow people with limited limb movement to expand the scenarios and environments in which it can be used.