Controlling Benchtop Power Supply with RPi/Python

Providing custom programming functionality to the world of affordable power supplies utilizing Modbus.

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Unlock the full potential of your affordable imported power supply (Hanmatek HM310T in this case) with this Python library. This library provides an interface for controlling the power supply using Modbus over a serial connection, making programmable control easy and accessible. It offers methods for enabling/disabling power output, setting/getting output voltage and current, reading displayed output values, managing communication address, and handling protection statuses. Ideal for makers and hobbyists who find the included software to be unbearable, this library enhances the functionality of one such affordable power supply. This project provides a footprint for what can be done with other similar lab gear if they offer programming via the Modbus protocol and a key insight into how to reverse engineer the hardware's registers for other similar devices. I'm hoping this could seed a library for all possible programmable power supplies with tools for reverse engineering.

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