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A project log for Computer controlled TV station and cameras

Extra TV channels for a retirement home's MATV network, with automated playback control of internal event camera streams and video library.

haydenhayden 05/29/2023 at 10:120 Comments

As a proof of concept and by spending as least amount of money as possible, I lugged my home computer, DSLR, and microphone to one of our weekly work performances. The computer ran CasparCG playout software, and had a decklink HDMI capture card, for video input from the camera. This computer streamed the video via UDP over the facility wifi to another office computer that had a cheap ATI graphics card added to it to give S-Video output which fed into the existing SD modulator instead one of the DVD players, and from there into the buildings tv network and every TV.

LAN party style
LAN party style

CasparCG, very neat but overkill
The output / end result, featuring our Christmas party event.

Australia day performance stream