Dedicated equipment purchase & install.

A project log for Computer controlled TV station and cameras

Extra TV channels for a retirement home's MATV network, with automated playback control of internal event camera streams and video library.

haydenhayden 05/29/2023 at 10:310 Comments

After the successful proof of concept streams, and manually broadcasting several key events for the residents it was approved to fund and permanently disconnect one of the (less used) DVD players and plug a spare computer into this modulator input permanently and have it just constantly play a live stream from a new PTZ camera and mic mounted on the roof in the lounge room.

Testing the newly purchase HD PTZ camera, Microphone and Preamp
The camera only has RJ45 network, so an old router running DD-WRT acted as a wifi bridge for the camera. The microphone also required a pre-amp with phantom power to convert the audio into 3.5mm jack line level for the camera.

The microphone was quickly swapped for a long range shotgun mic.
Pre-Amp and Router stored in roof cavity, accessed by added door.