Upgrade to High Definition 1080p and 2 more channels

A project log for Computer controlled TV station and cameras

Extra TV channels for a retirement home's MATV network, with automated playback control of internal event camera streams and video library.

haydenhayden 05/30/2023 at 00:320 Comments

For the first couple of years we used the existing 2 channel standard definition rf modulator, one channel for live stream and one channel for dvd playback.

Then we got a good deal on a professional used 4 channel HD modulator, so we could now see the full quality of our camera footage as well as add 2 more channels !

Our (now retired) 4 channel modulator
Where the 4 channel modulator and all equipment used to be housed. This is where DVDs are played back from.
examples of the 3x tiny pc's we bought to run/output each channel (apart from dvd)

my simple web based playlist editor to manage what is played on the 2 new channels: "TV Shows & Relaxation"