Modulator replacements, system relocation and even more channels !

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Extra TV channels for a retirement home's MATV network, with automated playback control of internal event camera streams and video library.

haydenhayden 05/30/2023 at 04:450 Comments
In the final revision to our system I relocated all the equipment to our comms room and replaced the 4 channel modulator with individual modulators per channel. As we had one of the cards in the 4 channel mod go bad and take years to get sent back to china for repairs due to covid, its also cheaper to use individual mods rather than a 4 in 1 and if one channel goes bad you can replace just that channel rather than the whole unit. We got a great deal on 8 used single channel HD modulators, so switched over to them.
With the extra modulators we got to add 3 extra channels, and for now, connect them to 3 cable tv boxes (foxtel) set on resident chosen channels, similar to how hotels operate.
The system is much easier to work on now and runs cooler with less dust, as the comms room is climate controlled cool, compared with the dusty cupboard in the reception.
One modulator and DVD player is still connected in the reception cupboard.

satisfaction: on the left white wall my system, on the right wall the original MATV headend, which takes 1 TV antenna and distributes its signal to all TV's
the rack where every thing used to be installed in the reception, but now just one modulator and dvd player