DesBlog #3 Changes,Changes and more Changes

A project log for ArduGen

Low Cost Arduino Uno Arbitrary Waveform Generator.

Evangelos PetrongonasEvangelos Petrongonas 01/09/2017 at 20:030 Comments

Hello everybody,

Greetings from the snowy Athens :),

I hope you' ve enjoyed the last 2 DesBlogs, because now, well......everything is changing.........

Yes, it is not a joke, due to a fundamental change in the DAC IC, which required a different Analog Stage, ,the output stage must be redesigned.

However, i have, hopefully, almost completed both the Analog and the Digital Design of the Circuit (Spoiler: some hints can be found at the components used in this project ;) ), so expect a new DesBlog, where we'll analyse the circuit step by step, really soon :)

I apologize for the inconvenience, but that's the beauty of designing, you are always going to make changes and tweaks. Moreover i have decided that the next Blogs are going to be a bit more comprehensive and in depth, so they can act as a tutorial for the inexperienced hackers out there

Thank you for your understanding and i'll see you soon very soon :)