It turns on, no word on the x-rays (and I have to travel for work)

A project log for X-Ray CT scanners get new life

Two small GE Explore Locus SPs find a new home, and they happen to be mine.

ahron-wayneAhron Wayne 06/06/2023 at 02:060 Comments

For the first time in a long while, aaaargh I just want to be here to finish this!

We got some stuff shuffled around in the lab, and now it has a pretty big space in the corner all to itself. Turns out some panels come off which were aftermarket modifications --- extra shielding I guess.

Other surprises include broken connector (part of a field upgrade, I believe --- benign) and a crazy 25 foot long connector --- still don't know which specific card it gets paired with. Blue heat, or the screen capture card which again, I don't know the model for yet. 

If I can't find it in any of the technical material that was kindly donated by the previous servicing company, I can always reach back out to them or one of the universities or hospitals that still uses the machine. 

First the good news: The chiller for the detector turns on, and stabilizes at the right temperature! And so finally, after plugging in a jillion cables and taking a deep breath, a twist of the key in the front... and that lights up too. 


The fans turn on, too. Every piece that works is a step in the right direction. X-Ray voltage and current reads 0, 0. That's fine, I had the switch off and the dials all the way to the left. I creep them on and flip the switch, nothing.  

Dang! Now, it doesn't mean it's busted, just that I found only one reference to manual mode for controlling the x-rays, and never a reference saying to actually use it. It's likely that it's meant to only operate through the computer control by default, and dang it, my windows XP iso failed its download. 

Slow says it's got another couple of hours, so it's possible I can flash it in the morning and at least get it started/completed by my roommate, the other handsome fellow you saw enjoying ice cream in the first post. 

See you in a few days!