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A project log for X-Ray CT scanners get new life

Two small GE Explore Locus SPs find a new home, and they happen to be mine.

ahron-wayneAhron Wayne 08/20/2023 at 23:120 Comments

The motor is a Brushless DC, which can mean a lot of things. This one runs on three phases. And it uses hall effect sensors. It took a lot of reviewing brushless motors and motors in general to understand that much, and I still can't drive it properly. 

can, however, drive it inconsistently and badly by connecting the three phases to an electronic speed controller for drones and completely ignore the hall effect sensors. The result is a slightly jerky but moooostly stable at speed rotation, though it can't be run slowly. Also it makes a scary noise sometimes. Also also also, you have to crank start it by hand like an old plane propeller (really). It'll keep going but won't start back up if the power goes out and comes back on. 

Pretty janky part of the setup, but compared to not turning at all..? I'll properly use the hall effect sensors will allow it to be driven slowly and precisely at some point (maybe while solving a bunch of other things simultaneously --- stay tuned). But for now, it does what it needs to, and lets me way more easily take images!

There's my head! It's 3D printed and is made of glass. 

This is a picture of an acorn! 

In fact I've been able to do some crude scans while rotating --- set "Fluoro" to take 100 images while using a different program to set the part rotating. In theory, I should be able to take this info and guesstimate a few parameters for a crude reconstruction.