Hackaday Prize 2023: Green Hacks Recap

A project log for YDrip

An open source water meter that detects leaks and measures usage

ydripydrip 10/10/2023 at 07:150 Comments

I wanted to provide a recap of the work done since being selected as a finalist for the Green Hacks contest. Here are the highlights:

Why is it unique?

This project was designed to solve the narrow issue of water leaks, but the resulting design has shown to be much more broad. The reconfigurable digital hardware provides a lot of flexibility for more ultra low power sensors applications some of which have been demonstrated.

YDrip is a unique solution in many ways. First, passive gas meter reading is a totally unique use case with no commercial products on the market. Additionally. it has the capability to be a three in one device measuring all of the utilities.

Next Steps

Polishing up the software, getting ESPHome certified, designing a water proof enclosure and fixing a few minor hardware issues.

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