Building power supply

A project log for Atomic Force Microscope - from ground up

The aim of this project is to make high grade all diy AFM.

100dollarhacker100dollarhacker 08/08/2023 at 10:370 Comments

Started with charge pump as it was most tricky part in my opinion in power supply circuit.

Other power supply components I've already worked with such as LM7805 and they are pretty straightforward.

This oddly looking thing is the LTC3260 with all capacitors and resistors connected

And the result is negative voltage compared to GND.

The next steps are creating downsteping from 24v to 12v and 5v. 

As expected it was quite straightforward

In my case it gets 24v DC and convert to 12v DC and 5DC.

The outputs of 12v and 5v seems very flat signals, although I am not quite sure how to measure it.

Well that's is another milestone 

Since there is a lot of space on this bread board I thought to dense both the power supply and charge pump. This way 12v, 5v, and -12,12v from the same board. 

Got messy just the way I like it 🤣

The schematic is much simpler