Don't re-invent the wheel

A project log for Atomic Force Microscope - from ground up

The aim of this project is to make high grade all diy AFM.

100dollarhacker100dollarhacker 11/10/2023 at 05:200 Comments

I thought that it could be a good idea not to re-inventing the wheel this time. I have a great post from Dan Berard. In his post he explain how to do the last electronic piece that I don't have. The amplifier that will amplify the tiny Quartz fork movement and convert to standard voltage signal, signal which could be picked up by standard ADC and then to some kind of DSP.  

Sounds easy, right? Well here things started to go little bit south. I bought the board it's only 5$ for 3 pieces. (I don't have machinery that could do sub millimeter PCB boards so, sounds like a good deal)  bought all the amplifiers just to find out that I got it wrong and I bought the wrong layout... Arrr!!! Plus I don't know what sizes of the resistors/capacitors.  

I paid for the board like week ago and still nothing... 

I guess I should buy nice laser and print such circuits by myself, it will take an hour ... 

Arrr!!! Hate to wait....


Still waiting to board and components to arive... meanwhile I thought it could be a good idea to 'reverse engineer' sensor board. Although you got the schematic it's unclear how and where to place each SMD component on PCB. 

So I placed every resistor/capacitor from schematic: (an yeah.. I got kids ... 😂)