Firmware updated

A project log for Data Collection Terminal

General purpose low cost handheld terminal with screen/kbd, wifi, barcode and RFID reader for industrial or commercial (or any other) use

BozBoz 05/29/2015 at 04:300 Comments

I have updated the firmware to github.

The firmware is simply all the hardware parts working with a simple menu to scan barcodes, scan RFID tags and do some basic wifi comms which should be enough for you guys to run with.

The development from this point on gets very specific to my clients manufacturing and operational requirements and it wont really make much sense to publish it, it is not that I don't want to it is just that the MRP program it is interfacing to is like most production software not open source and not publicly documented.

There are several paths open to people who want to build on this project, I am thinking that the most suitable if you do not want to build your own server is to use one of the many MQTT implementations, the ESP8266 has several flavours of client for this and lots of back-end broker services are documented using it.

I am in the process of writing an open MRP system for another client, however this has a very open ended timetable as other projects allow, I will be porting the data collection terminal to it sometime down the line though if people want to keep updated via my web-site.