Audio FFT with MEMS Mic (ADMP 401):

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5"TFT Multi Sensor Measurement Unit 288Ch Spectrometer, Thermal Imaging, audio & light Spectrum Analyzer, 2D LIDAR (100²px), 8x8 mag. field

jj 09/27/2023 at 13:160 Comments

Audio FFT with MEMS Mic (ADMP 401):

The signal of the MEMS Mic is getting sampled 20k ties a second, so a waveform up to 10 k Hz cane be acquired. The FFT calculation gets provided with 512 samples (without windowing). The ADMP 401 has a sensitivity of 4 mV / Pa. I sadly lost an old measurement of a frequency depended sensitivity of the admp 401, what could provide an even more exact dBspl value. ..c'est la vie.