Short Update

A project log for Farmers' Open Source Optical Predator Alert System

FOSOPAS for short, Predalert for convenience

jacobJacob 08/13/2023 at 21:490 Comments

So a couple things... but first

Coding stuff

I've started on the auto-discovery-&-connect feature leveraging onvif. Because onvif on python is somewhat stale, I couldn't find any libraries that do exactly what I want. The closest thing is pyOnvif, so I forked it here in an effort to update and adapt it to my usecase.

Turns out my cameras aren't exactly compliant to the onvif schema standard, so they were completely invisible to the built-in discovery method of the library. A bit of cross-eyed examination revealed that my cameras have different xml leading characters from standard. Sooo I added some logic to handle such cases to my fork of the pyOnvif.

xml is pretty powerful and it's not like pyOnvif uses much of the power, so I moved it to defusedxml which defends against many exploits.

House keeping

I'm currently on welfare, with required welfare activities. I'm trying to get some time off from those activities/work in order to do more work on this software.

In order to do that, I need to prove that there is an interest and a need for this software.

If you're a farmer, could you comment how a solution like what I'm trying to make here, would help you?

If a finished solution were to be sold as a product (either local, simple install or even easier Software-as-a-Service), what would you pay for it?

Can someone help me find funding?