Openwrt on broken ASIC miner

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Back in 2020 I accidentally received some broken Ant Miner t9+, A ASIC Miner got ZYNQ XC7Z010 init, and I want them to have some extra usage for so hard!! So I was thinking about Openwrt. but the advanced firmware structure of ZYNQ beat me (I only had Android building experience back then). QAQ
2023 after 2.5 years, I saw a news on smartphone it was about OpenWrt .this made me recall
my scraped ASIC miner . this time I have some more experience from building a few smartphone kernels and few failed x86 Openwrt builds. So it is time to war again
....................................................(check GitHub for detailed story)

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zyndram wrote 07/03/2023 at 17:42 point

I dream about WPA3 or normal openwrt on

normal mainline openwrt

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p8p671 wrote 06/16/2023 at 03:05 point

in case that Github link is too hard to find :

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