Preliminary Timeline

A project log for WorkBook (Framework 16 w/ ThinkPad style Keyboard)

Re-implementng the ThinkPad keyboard with mechanical switches and TrackPoint in the FW16 Laptop (Work-In-Progress)

peter-macPeter Mac 07/17/2023 at 20:290 Comments

I do want to have an upgrade to my aging X230 laptop ready in the next couple of years, so

Here's the timeline on my mind:

Spring 2024: I get my hands on the Framework 16 laptop

Summer 2024: Make measurements, test out parts, start playing with CAD

Fall 2024: Start running test prints and fine tune parts

Winter 2024: Put everything together, final testing and fitting, take glamour shots, polish up the write-up, and publish everything

Mid-2025: Probable actual completion date. Good thing that Framework promises to release case-compatible mainboard updates so this won't immediately become irrelevant once I finish.