Estimated Bill of Materials

A project log for WorkBook (Framework 16 w/ ThinkPad style Keyboard)

Re-implementng the ThinkPad keyboard with mechanical switches and TrackPoint in the FW16 Laptop (Work-In-Progress)

peter-macPeter Mac 01/28/2024 at 20:500 Comments

Be aware that putting this together, even without prototyping expenses as the "end-user", will be more expensive than buying the MacBook Pro 16. This is a project for the passionate!

Below is a rough cost estimate in the configuration that I plan on using:

Sub-Total: $2504

Base laptop

$1399Framework Laptop DIY Edition with Ryzen 7 7840HS
$806x Expansion Cards
$2004TB NVME SSD (Amazon)
$8532GB DDR5 SODIMM (eBay)
$60USB-C PD Charger (Amazon)

Display Assembly and Palmrest

$3003D-printed palmrest and display bezel pieces in ABS (outsourced)
$1001920x1200 14-inch matte IPS LCD (eBay)


$80110-pack Kailh Choc low-profile switches (Amazon)
$70Full set of Kailh Choc keycaps (Aliexpress)
$50Keyboard PCB(s) and supporting components (PcbWay)
$10RP2040 Microcontroller (eBay)
$20TrackPoint module