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    Step 1

    Removing Center Console Fascia

    1. Pull the ashtray out half way which is located next to the cigarette lighter. You will see a metal flap that springs up as you're pulling it out which prevents the tray from coming out any further. Press down on the metal flap and continue to pull the tray to fully remove it:

    2. Remove the 2 x Phillips head screws located behind the ashtray slot:

    3. There are 5 x White clips behind the top half of the fascia. Pop it off slowly by getting a grip on the top-left corner and pull it forward until its just detached. It should be relatively easy to remove and you don't have to worry about snapping any clips off.

    4. Unplug the Hazard switch near the top-right and the cigarette lighter at the bottom-right:

    Hazard plug

    Cigarette plug

    5. The fascia should now be safe to fully remove.