Assembly about done, small glitches to sort out

A project log for Thumb Term

Battery powered Linux-terminal handheld with front and rear inputs, 4.3" DSI LCD, a Pi 3A+, and GPIO breakout. WIP.

dan-a8ksh4Dan (a8ksh4) 07/25/2023 at 01:070 Comments

The last bits of soldering I needed to do today were:

This mostly workd great.  I was able to use the pico serial console to switch the pi 3 on and off in software and measure the battery voltage.  Also I re-tested all of the buttons and stuff to make sure I didn't break any connections. 

Voltage divider around analog pin

However, I had screen flickering when the pi 3 was on... turns out that something to do with the uart pins having wires on them is causing a prob.  I'm not sure what yet...   I tried with the dsi display and hdmi and same prob on both.