Open source sport/smart watch 2.0

Hack and program Weloop 3 with fully open source watch operating system written from scratch.

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After successful project with first version of Weloop smartwatch the time comes for the major upgrade. With this project we aim to developed from scratch new watch operating system that can be installed on Weloop 3 and than later on some other platforms as well.

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The idea is simple. We do the same as we did for weloop 1. Write a custom firmware that allows to communicate with many BLE enabled sensors and shows live values on a watch screen.

This project is divided into six phases:

  • Phase 1: find out and document watch pinout so it will be possible to communicate with screen, accelerometer and a flash memory from a custom firmware. IN PROGRESS
  • Phase 2: write a custom firmware that will print sample text on a screen and expose a BLE service. Firmware will be flashed using SWD connector. OPEN
  • Phase 3: make it possible to upload a custom firmware using OTA. This will save the waterproof case from destruction. OPEN
  • Phase 4: update softdevice to the newest version. OPEN
  • Phase 5: create a "terminal" firmware that allows to control what is displayed on a watch from an android/iOS app. OPEN
  • Phase 6: create a "standalone" firmware using S132 softdevice that can connect to external sensors (HRS, CSCS etc) without a phone. OPEN

If you like this idea and want to support my work please donate HERE. Thanks!

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