Attiny85 Uploader

With this shield for Arduino UNO it is possible to program the famous Attiny85 microcontroller both in DIP and SOP.

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Attiny85 Uploader

The shield has a socket for programming the DIP format and a clamp for the SOP format, on board there are three LEDs: Power, Programming and Error. In addition there is a 4-pin connector connected to 5V, D3, D4 and GND.

- Just load the ArduinoISP sketch that you find in the Examples section into an Arduino UNO
- Now go to Settings and add the following URL in the space provided:
- From the Board Manager search for "Attiny" and install the files.
- From the Tools menu select the Attiny25/45/85 board.
- Now you will have to write the bootloader from the Tools menu and clicking on Write the
- Once this is done you just have to upload your sketch from the Sketch menu by clicking on
Upload via programmer

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