A project log for CyberSecDeck-001

A Cyberdeck project for InfoSec field work.

garraGarra 09/17/2023 at 15:020 Comments

One thing I wanted to achieve with this cyberdeck was a reusable case design that could be quickly kitbashed together with standard 3D printing software. To make it easy for soneone to take available componants and easily make a case to mount them in.

WIth everyone's needs being different and specific (My use case was server maintainence nad cyber security) it seemed like it would be nice to have a, low-cost, portable solution for people to adapt to their own tech and size needs.

So here's a bit more detail on how I saw that happening:

To make a case you have 4 basic parts:
- The Handle

- The Middle

- The End-cap

- The Top plate: This is just a 3mm thick rectangle sized to fit the however you have configued the previous sections. Being a basic rectangle, it's easy & quick to print, and simple to cut holes in for ports, or keyboards, or whatever. "Rapid prototyping" was what I had in mind for this part.

The idea is for someone to duplicate, flip, and mirror these parts to make a case that fits their needs. The preset holes shou;d make it easy to mount most SBCs and their accessories, with minimal tinkering. and whatever way you assemble the parts will result in the usable rail mounting system tessellating correctly down the full length.