Project log the sixth - original goals reached - looking forward

A project log for Emulated TMS9918A using RP2040/DVI

An attempt to make an RC2014 module that emulates the TMS chip, with crisp DVI output and some additional RC2014 functionality

shiela-dixonShiela Dixon 08/21/2023 at 17:190 Comments

After three versions of the board and lots of software development I finally have a finished module that does everything that I originally envisioned, without bodges!

It works on a cp/m RC2014, at 7 Mhz. It also works on a 32k RC2014, as long as the serial card is SIO/2 and not the ACIA (this has to do with port clashes. This video board is fixed at ports $98 + $99)

It runs all of the demos that J B Langston has shared for RC2014+TMS. The limitations of this version (I knew all of this from the start) are:

I believe that I can overcome all of these things and have a fully-compatible TMS9918A module for RC2014 with some basic serial in/out. This will also involve using a surface-mounted RP2040 rather than the Feather which will look much neater.

Here are a couple of videos which show this card in operation. To be honest they're the same videos as included in the last log but nothing has changed as far as the functionality goes, it's just a little more finished and polished hardware-wise. 

The second demonstration shows how nice it is to have a little bit of terminal functionality.